Can you move at the speed of the market?

In the hyper-competitive insurance world, the window of opportunity for new products, programs and markets closes quickly. New alliances are forming, reshaping insurance business models. Do you have the systems to help you move faster?

Control your destiny.

In an environment where players are rewarded for reacting quickly to new opportunities, owning your own system is a key enabler. With Instec you can create innovative products, using our extensive library of bureau content and custom rates, rules and forms. Our cloud-based architecture minimizes up-front cost, and because you own the data, you have total flexibility when it’s time to choose a carrier.

"Speed to market was absolutely critical for us. We needed our new insurance programs up and running in weeks, not months. Instec’s cloud-based system delivered that and more."

Steve Fitzpatrick President and CEO | Glencar Underwriting Managers


The results speak for themselves.


Fast Implementation Our FastTrack implementation and cloud-based deployment minimize time and resource demands. MGAs have begun quoting with Instec’s policy system in as little as 60 days in all 50 states, for multiple lines.


Accessible Data With Instec's accessible data structure, MGAs have migrated entire books, eliminated duplicate data entry, and integrated seamlessly with agent portals for faster quoting and policy issuance.


Low Start-Up Cost Instec’s cloud-based deployment and subscription-based pricing model, have enabled MGAs to test new programs in the market at a low entry cost, then scale up quickly and affordably as the business grows.


Rapid Product Launch With Instec’s built-in bureau content and reusable code from past customizations – a library of over 25,000 forms and 300,000 rates and rules – MGAs never start from scratch to launch new products.


Scalable With Instec’s tiered pricing structure, and support for multiple commercial lines in all 50 states, MGAs have started small and scaled quickly, into new lines, new locations, and new market segments.


Business-Driven Self-service configuration and an intuitive user interface has enabled business users to build and launch custom products and programs with little or no assistance from IT staff.