New Instec eBook Provides Guidance to Insurers on Targeting Millennials Press Releases| Jan 07, 2019

The new Instec eBook is available for download.Naperville, IL – January 7, 2019 – This is the year millennials surpass Baby Boomers as the largest living adult generation. These new consumers come along just at the right time, as insurers search for growth in a challenging insurance market. But where to start? Instec’s new e-book explains what makes millennials tick and how to play to their wants and needs.

The new publication, titled The Insurer’s Millennial Playbook: How to Capitalize on the Generational Shift, describes a generation shaped by economic shocks and technological advances. Instec explains how these two factors influence the way millennials think and act on a purchase decision.

Millennials are also the latest generation of entrepreneurs. And they are starting earlier and launching more companies than the generations that came before them. Instec suggests this may be the next big growth opportunity in the small business insurance market.

“Millennials require a different approach to selling, maybe more different than any prior generation,” said Chris Mason, Senior Marketing Associate at Instec. He should know. He’s a millennial himself and co-author of the e-book. “We’re the first tech-native generation and technology plays a big part in our buying process.”

The new publication closes with five essential elements of an insurance platform that targets millennials. The e-book is available now and can be downloaded from Instec’s website.

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