Speed, cost and reliability. It's no longer a trade-off.

You need them all in today's insurance market. Whether you're managing the full product life cycle, launching new products, or mining your commercial data, we have the management system to get you there - quickly, reliably and at a cost you can afford.


High-value insurance underwriting software.

Underwriting can be obvious or highly complex. Which risks would you rather have your insurance underwriters evaluate?


A policy management system that delivers on its promises.

With our policy admin platform, you can build virtually any type of insurance product using a rich library of bureau content as the starting point, and configuring your own custom rates, rules, and forms. It's a policy administration system that delivers on its promises: speed, reliability, and low entry cost.


From quote to bill, the policy administration cycle is now complete.

Instec provides a timely, accurate, and flexible insurance billing solution to support a wide variety of payment plans, billing types and commission options, and with easy access to commercial data you have all the information you need to effectively manage your cash flow.


Advanced insurance analytics driving actionable insights.

Big data has the potential to transform your business and deliver significant predictive analytics underwriting insights. Instec provides affordable insurance analytics options to help you achieve greater pricing accuracy, deeper customer relationships and more effective loss prevention. It's there out of the box, not as an expensive upgrade and another project.


Your insurance documents reflect your company.

Documents are a critical component of the customer experience. Are your insurance documents helping you attract new business and retain your most valuable customers?