A policy system built for speed.

"To the swift go the spoils." In an insurance market where the window of opportunity isn't open for long, you need a policy system that can get you ahead of the competition - and keep you there.

A system you can count on.

Count on speed.

With Instec, you can count on a policy system that lets you create and quote a new product or program in as little as six weeks.

Count on content.

In a market that waits for no one, you need a system that's always current. Instec delivers up-to-date bureau content, 90-120 days ahead of effective date.

Count on low start-up cost.

When you launch a new product or program, there's no guarantee of success. Instec's policy platform lets you test the waters with minimal up-front investment.

Count on control.

Do you really want to wait for IT resources that are tied up with other projects when you're ready to launch a new product? Instec's cloud-based deployment and self- configuration puts you in control.

"As we were adding programs, the speed to market kept getting better and better. Instec made it easy to implement a new program. We were never starting from scratch."

Mark Sundquist IT Manager | Meadowbrook Insurance Group


Content. Configuration. Data Access.

Instec Policy helps enterprising companies get new products to market faster. Configurable and scalable, Instec's policy backbone includes always-up-to-date bureau content and access to a library of custom rates, rules and forms, so new products never start from scratch.


Built-In Bureau Content Quicksolver delivers pre-populated, configurable, and always up-to-date ISO, NCCI, and state-specific rating content, so you can build and create new products faster than you dreamed possible.


Data Accessibility With Instec's accessible data structure and pre-built connections you can drill down into business-critical policy data and easily integrate with other applications, for a seamless workflow.


Self-Service Configuration Self-service configuration gives you the power to build your own custom products and programs. And your customizations are preserved with every bureau update, so nothing is ever lost.


Rating in the Cloud Instec offers a content-rich, cloud-based "black box" rating engine that's ready to integrate with your existing systems and generate new quotes right away, regardless of which policy system you use.