You may be sitting on a gold mine.

Is your insurance data an untapped resource? It could hold the clue to your next big opportunity, the key to keeping your best customers, or the solution to an underperforming business line.

Insurance insights to help grow your business.

Big data for all.

No longer the exclusive domain of large firms, Instec provides an affordable way to harness your insurance policy data for better business decisions.

Spot an opportunity.

Discover your path to greater insurance underwriting accuracy, shorter quote-to-issue times, lower loss ratios, and accelerated business growth.

Find the patterns.

In just minutes, determine where you're most profitable, where you have the greatest room for improvement, and how changes in rates and regulations affect your book value.

Predict the future.

Want to know the viability of your next big idea? Instec makes it easy to couple historical commercial insurance data with predictive models that will help you establish a competitive advantage in any scenario.

"Building and implementing analytical models often takes a significant amount of time and specialized skills. Instec's out-of-the-box analytics and reports, and the ability to create insurer-specific models, is a high value add."

Karen Furtado Partner | Strategy Meets Action

Insurance Analyst

Rich insurance policy data, now more accessible.

Harnessing the power of big data has the potential to dramatically transform your business and deliver significant competitive advantage. With Instec Predictive Analytics, the insights you derive from your valuable commercial policy data stores can help you achieve greater pricing accuracy, deeper customer relationships and more effective loss prevention.

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Slice, Dice, and Drill Dynamically measure, filter, label and group your policy management and transaction data, for any point in time, to give you new insights into your books and territories, and sub-classes of your business.

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Industry-Leading Software Solutions Instec is integrated with Microsoft Power BI for ad hoc queries, and Microsoft Machine Learning for predictive analytics.

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Pre-Mapped Integration Schemas Instec's pre-mapped integration schemas put an end to redundant data entry and eliminate the custom development work typically required to extract commercial data for use with business intelligence tools.

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Robust Reports and Custom Dashboards Consolidate and standardize predictive data from multiple sources to build a unified commercial data warehouse, then tap into out-of-the-box multi-dimensional reports and charts or create your own customized views.