Instec Gets Silicon Valley Start-Up Off the Ground Press Releases| Jun 01, 2012

Glencar Underwriting Managers grows from an idea to a successful businesswith cloud-based policy administration software

Naperville, IL (June 1, 2012) – What if your entire new business plan revolved around a technology that you weren’t certain was even available yet? That is just what Glencar Underwriting Managers was up against when they opened their doors in 2011. Glencar, a start-up insurance underwriting facility, needed a policy administration software that could get their company up and running within days, with no IT footprint. It seemed like an impossibility – until they got in touch with Instec, a leading provider of services and technology to the Commercial Property and Casualty insurance industry.

The executives at Glencar were familiar with Instec as they had used the company’s flagship Quicksolver software at a previous employer. Quicksolver is a complete P&C insurance rating and policy administration system that supports multi-state, multi-location, bureau and client-specific policy processing for all 50 states and all major commercial lines of business. Glencar wanted Quicksolver, they just needed a different way to access it. So Instec helped Glencar achieve operational existence quickly by delivering Quicksolver Cloud, its Quicksolver software in a cloud computing environment.

By giving Glencar a new way to access Quicksolver without the additional cost for infrastructure or maintenance, Instec helped them dramatically increase their time-to-market because scalability is instantaneous. Working in a cloud environment also allows Glencar to add additional lines of business at their convenience both quickly and reliably.

“Speed to market was absolutely critical for us in choosing new policy administration software,” said Steve Fitzpatrick, President and CEO, Glencar Underwriting Managers. “We needed a cloud based system that got us up and running with our new insurance programs in a few short weeks and Instec was our first choice to help us do that.”

“In a very competitive business environment, waiting 90 days for new software can be the difference between profitability and stagnation,” said Bill Budde, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Instec. “Clients like Glencar need the ability to ramp up almost overnight, which is why our Quicksolver Cloud product is such an important development for the insurance industry.”

About Instec

Instec, founded in 1982, is a leading provider of services and technology to the Commercial Property and Casualty insurance industry. Noted for long-term client relationships, Instec is a partner in providing business expertise and creating profitable growth. Delivering Policy Lifecycle Management, Instec works with clients on successful program business as well streamlining operations from first quote to last endorsement. Instec’s flagship technology, Quicksolver, is a best-of-breed rating and policy administration solution supporting all major lines of business, in all 50 states, and with native bureau rates, rules, forms, and statistical content. As a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, Instec delivers strategic solutions that enable clients to drive competitive advantages in rating, issuing, and reporting to lower costs and maximize profitability. With more than three decades of experience, Instec is a trusted partner with deep industry knowledge, innovation and insight. To learn more, visit

About Glencar Underwriting Managers

Glencar Underwriting Managers, Inc. is a Managing General Underwriting Facility that produces, underwrites, and manages specialty, property/casualty program business, on both an admitted and non-admitted basis, in the U.S. market. Glencar has an appetite for most lines of Commercial P&C insurance with an emphasis on small to mid-sized programs and a demonstrated track record of underwriting profitability. This business is distributed through a network of both general agency and retail producers who are specialists in their respective industry segments. Glencar Underwriting Managers, Inc. works with these partners to develop highly competitive coverages specific to the needs of each unique program. For more information, contact Glencar at 630-875-0723 or

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