Automate the obvious.

Underwriters have an uncanny ability to sift through disparate data points, and determine whether a complex risk is worth taking on. Shouldn’t we be helping them automate all the rest?

Better underwriting. Better business.

Friction-free workflow.

Most underwriters would rather be evaluating more complex risks. Instec can help automate the obvious decisions, and leave the tough ones to the experts.

360° collaboration.

Underwriters shouldn’t need to follow up with applicants, agents, and others for every piece of data. Instec helps underwriters build online relationships that drive faster turnaround.

Lower expense ratios.

Back and forth communications, or time spent on obvious accepts and declines, can drive up cost. Instec automates the underwriting process, reducing expense ratios.

Customer engagement.

Today’s customer expects easy access to information, and instant response times. Instec makes the customer an active participant in the underwriting process.

"A significant portion of an underwriter’s day is consumed by busy work that doesn’t draw on their unique skill set. The average underwriter would rather tackle the more complex risks that can’t easily be automated."

Jeff Goldberg Senior Vice President of Research and Consulting | Novarica


Customer-centric underwriting.

Instec Underwriting streamlines the underwriting process and drives greater collaboration among underwriters, agents, and insureds, resulting in lower costs, better underwriting decisions, and a more responsive customer experience.


Highly-Configurable Rules Engine Why spend time on the obvious? With Instec’s configurable rules engine you can automatically process or auto-decline the “simple” risks, so you can apply your skills to the more complex opportunities.


Collaborative Workflow Instec provides an online collaborative environment where underwriters can build relationships with all parties in the underwriting process, for faster turnaround and improved responsiveness.


Integration with Critical Data Sources Instec Underwriting is integrated with Instec’s rating engine, and can integrate with remote systems and data sources, providing a situational awareness that drives better underwriting decisions.


Cloud-Based and Mobile-Enabled Easy system access provides 24/7 visibility to underwriters, agents and insureds, enabling cooperation throughout the underwriting lifecycle, while ensuring compliance.